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Stuffing Cotton

Memoir by Mary-Christine Strobel

Become immersed into the inconceivable struggles this heroic mother and her children endure just trying to get through one day knowing the next and every day after that one will be the same or worse. In this age that seems to be without heroes, one finds in reading Stuffing Cotton, that there are people leading heroic lives and enduring superhuman challenges all the while not losing their faith in God and humanity. In short, Stuffing Cotton is a novel about modern day heroes, heroes that can be measured against any in the history of the human race and found to be among those at the very pinnacle of the limit of human endurance. 

Dr Mitchell Stickler, MD. Cape Henlopen Dermatology

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared by scars.

Kahlil Gibran

Katie Sits Down With Author of "Stuffing Cotton" Christine Strobel

The amazing story of one woman’s journey that may have you wondering how she managed to come out stronger.

Bill Cecil

M.ED., Wounded Writing Repair Shop

There are times when life slams us with such troubles that we feel we are drowning and there is no one to throw us a life jacket.
Stuffing Cotton tells a story of a lifetime of challenges that would overwhelm the strongest among us. It is a story of a mother’s love, determination, and bravery. A story that pits deepest fear against unwavering faith. A story that will bring you to the edge of endurance; you may just see the trials in your own life in a whole new light.


Pastor Daryl McCready

Sonrise Church

Stuffing Cotton is a heart wrenching novel about how life can be cruel and painful. It is a painful picture of the truth that sometimes God does not choose to rescue us from the valley, but He instead chooses to walkalongside us as we journey through it.


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About the author

Mary-Christine Strobel, known as Christine, is the wife of the love of her life, Michael Strobel. She is the mother of four, stepmother of two, and grandmother to nine. Born in Baltimore in 1962, Christine is the fourth of five children. Christine’s parents moved the family from Baltimore to St. Michaels, Maryland, where she spent her preteen and teen years graduating from St. Michaels High School in 1980. Beginning at an early age, the energetic Christine’s love of competitive swimming shaped her into a self-disciplined, driven, and highly motivated individual, preparing her to face a host of rare adversities that few people could withstand.
Christine and Michael live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is a “documentarian” to a surgeon, enjoys time with family, and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles with friends. Her heart’s desire is to share lessons learned on her journey that others can implement, sparing them the heartbreak of trial and error.

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